Friday, September 25, 2009

RIDGE GOURD CHUTNEY ....તુરીયા ની છાલ ની ચટણી



If I am given a choice to select best of the three chutneys, I would definitely select Peerkangai Thol Thuvayal as the best. This is because it has such a pure taste and universal application that there is nothing with which you cannot use this chutney. May it be dosai or Idlies etc or just plain rice.
My favorite way to eat this chutney is with steaming rice and Ghee.

Peerkanga skin already with all spices and fried in oil

Turai Skin after tmpering with spices

Ridge Gourd skin chutney

Peeled skin of Ridge Gourd/Turai (about one large cup)
One spoon of urad dhall (Black gram dal)
Small ball of Tamarind
2nos hot green chili peppers
Red chillies (about three to four )
1" piece of sliced Ginger
Salt to taste
20 ml of cooking oil
1 spoon of Asafoetida


Take 20 ml of oil in a kadai and on a medium fire, roast ulutham (urad) and Red chillies for about two minutes till ulutham becomes rosy brown. Now add one spoon of Asafoetida and immediately put all the skin and scraping of Peerakanga in the Kadai. Also put a small Ball sized Tamarind piece. Stir fry for about three minutes. Do not under any circumstances cook Peerkanga skin. Now add salt and mix thoroughly. Remove the Kadai from stove and allow it to cool. When sufficiently cold, put the whole thing in a small / medium jar of mixi and make chutney. This chutney tastes great with Rice and Ghee. This also goes well with idlies and Dosai. Try once and tell me.!! This chutney will keep good in fridge for three to four days.

Note: If the quantity of scrapings and skin is less, use about 15 ml of oil. If you want to use this chutney only with rice, you can add a green chilli or two along with peerkanga peelings during frying. But you need to use ghee also for taste.


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