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PHUDINA PARATHA फुदिना पराठा




Stuffed parathas and spiced Parathas add a great variation to otherwise bland Flat Breads of India. Like Rice, Rotis/Parathas etc when prepared with additional spices, herbs and vegetables like Mint, Cilantro,greens, or spices like Turmeric,Garlic, Asafoetida or Cumin etc, present a vast and tasty variety and a great choice for people.
Most of the times, such altered Breads assume a totally different alternative as a main dish.

Phudian Paratha or Mint Paratha is one such tasty Indian Flat bread.Any aromatic included herb paratha goes great with fresh yogurt or Cilantro Chutney or for that matter any Lentil preparation.Parathas can be prepared using both Atta (whole wheat flour) or Maida (all purpose flour).

I always prefer to use whole wheat flour because of the fibre content and nutritional content.


Phudina Paratha


2 cups of Whole wheat Atta (enough for 8 parathas)
1 Bunch of Fresh Mint leaves finely chopped
3/4 spoon Salt
1/2 tsp of Turmeric powder (optional)
50 gms. Butter/Ghee for making dough
2 oz. of oil or Ghee for Tawa top frying of parathas
Enough water for dough


Add butter/Ghee and salt to Atta (wheat flour)and slowly rub between two palms and mix the whole thing thoroughly. Add just enough quantity of water slowly and knead the dough .Make sure that the dough is hard and not soft like that of Rotis or poories. But not too hard. Make eight equal portions of the dough and ball them up and keep covered with wet cloth or rub oil over each ball so that they don't dry.

Now roll the dough on a rolling stone or flat surface and make a round roti of at least eight inch diameter. Spread a teaspoonful of finely chopped Mint leaves on exactly half of the Roti. Fold the other half over the portion of the Mint leaves. This will make a semi circular shape. Now take some more of Mint leaves and spread it on the half of the semicircular part. Again fold the semicircular Roti in to 1/4 of the original round shape . Once you are done, re-roll the almost triangular roti into Triangular Paratha.

Place the triangular paratha on a Roti Tawa and make the paratha either with oil spread on the baked surface or you can use Ghee. Please use a slow to medium flame to roast to a Rosy brown shade. Serve with Dhall Makhani or any Dhall or any side dish. I am sure that once you make this Paratha and use it with any appropriate Dhall or Side dish, you would fall in love with it.

There is another alternative to folding and refolding of the rolling roti. I add mint leaves to the dough itself and I roll a huge 12" dia roti. I partially fold three sides to make a perfect triangle. The triangular paratha is then pressed firmly on folded sides and rolled again to prepare a perfectly large triangle.
This is then shallow fried on a Tawa as usual.

Serve with Yogurt, chutney or any Dal of choice.

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