Thursday, November 19, 2009

KHICHU , KHICHU UTHAPPAM ખીચુ અને ખીચા નું ઉતપ્પમ


KHICHU & KHICHU UTHAPPAM ખીચુ અને ખીચા નું ઉતપ્પમ


Khichu is a relatively unknown Gujarati snack out side of Gujarat. Eventhough state like Kerala has similar version of steamed rice powder called PUTTU, the comparison stops with Gujarat boundry because the tastes of both are very different.

It is possible that Khichu took its birth as a chance and un intentional food item when some ladies might have discovered that KHICHI NA PAPAD or KHICHIYA made out of same ingredients as Khichu when in solid form, tasted wonderful and just like Papad Na Goyna પાપડ ના ગોયણા (Papad Dumplings) the simple khichu became extremely popular. You can find people lining up at some famous places in Ahmedabad to buy khichu. Even marraige menus have started sporting Khichu as a food item of preference.Thus a simplest Gujarati dish has taken Gujarati palate by storm.



Rice flour.....1 cup (200 gms)
Cumin seeds....1/2 tsp
Cumin seed powder..1/2 tsp
Green chillies (Hot) 4 to 5
Cooking oil...2 tsp
Papad Khar (cooking soda)...1 tsp
salt .....1.5 tsp (to taste)
Water........3 cups


Boil water. Heat oil in Tempering ladle and add cumin seeds. When cumin seeds become slightly brown,add to water.Add Chilli peppers (finely chopped), Cumin powder and salt. After couple of minutes add rice flour and Papad Khar and stir briskly. Make sure that lumps are not formed. Cover the vessel and let it cook on medium heat for fifteen to 20 minutes.You may need to stir every now and then.When you find that no more stirring is possible and there is a fine fluffy lump of cooked rice flour.Your Khichu is ready.
Serve with cooking oil mixed with salt and chilli powder.


Khichu Uthappam

For the first time ever, I have fashioned a new dish out of Khichu. I prepared Khichu-Uthappam.
I have prepared Khichu-Uthapam by spreading Khichu like Uthappam and sprinkling with Onion, Green chillies and Cilantro and frying just like Uthappam or Dosai on a hot plate. Let me warn you that you will not be able to lift it wholly like Uthappam or Dosai but even the pieces that you can lift and serve, have heavenly new taste.

Try it out.

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