Sunday, December 6, 2009

I AM FEELING LAZY......I know it is sinful

For the last one week, I seem to have entered a period of ennui.I cook as usual and have been preparing some really innovative dishes which I created.One is DHOKLA DOSAI, another is reverse DOSAI KHAMAN DHOKLA etc.

I am a lazy person when it comes to typing out my recipes. Typing recipes , is the most boring job for me because I have to recollect the recipes as I am not in a habit of writing them down.

Another reason is that I have been creating Hot sauces and been sending them over to my American friends for tasting.
Have a look at this sauce.

Picture 830

This bottle can be used as a Rocket fuel substitute..LOL
It is one of the hottest sauces on this side of this earth.

I think I will start posting recipes come wednesday.


  1. LOL! Rocket fuel apart, the dhokla dosai and reverse are intriguing, please put inertia off and blog them for the likes of us.

  2. wow....I would love to try it! Badla ma tamne thodi navi jelly/jam spread moklish!

    the spice who loved me