Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ok !! That is long enough...


All of you might have wondered as to what happened to me because I have been inactive on this blog for an year.
The reason was simple. "I relocated to Austin Texas and I was getting used to everything new here." I also had my eye surgery done in both the eyes in Bangalore."

Now I have landed a dream job here which promises to give expression to my life time hobby of cooking.

I will try and update the blog often and on.

But it would be September before I do something very concrete.

Till then, I seek your indulgence.

Hemant Trivedi


  1. welcome to Austin..!!! i just tasted your curry leaves is so well prepared with great flavors... it reminded me of my days in Bangalore..!!


  2. Thanks Ustad,
    Do keep encouraging me.

    When you are meeting me next, please refer this posting of yours on my blog.