Saturday, October 3, 2009

KANDA-POHA कांदा पोहा


KANDA POHA (Beaten rice with Onion and spices)

A visit to Maharashtrian home would invariably result in you being offered famous Kanda-Poha.

My first taste of this wonderfully simple but very tasty dish was at PACHMARHI in Madhya Pradesh during summer of 1978.It was at the home of maharashtrian army colonel.Not that we Gujaratis do not eat Poha, but we generally have Batata-Poha omitting onions.I fell in love with this Maharashtrian gem at first bite itself.
Kanda Poha is a traditional Indian(Maharashtrian)snack which sometimes works as
main dish also.There are many variations.I am giving the one I like most.





3 cups beaten rice (poha)
2 Tbsp cooking oil
1 tbsp of Golden raisin
8 to 10 broken cashewnuts
1/4 to 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
2to3 green chilies chopped
1 small onion, thinly sliced
1 potato,(optional)
salt to taste
Sugar 1 tbsp
Little water to sprinkle
1 Tbsp lemon, juice
chopped cilantro (1/8 cup)
1 sprig of Curry leaves.
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/4 tsp cumin seeds
5 to 6 Cloves
2 to 3 nos cinnamon bark pieces 1" size


Select beaten rice(POHA) which are firm and not waferlike. Ask for Jada/Mota poha.
Poha is available in different thicknesses. Hence select firm but not too thick and small poha.

Soak poha in enough water to cover for 5 to 7 minutes.
First drain excess water and squeeze out by pressing handfuls of beaten rice.
Don't press too hard or else poha will become broken useless mass.
But don't let much water be left or else the end dish will become soggy.Set aside .
You may use thick tissue /kitchen paper to spread and then use poha.

Dice potatoes in small size of 3 cm cubes and set aside.

Heat oil in a Kadai/skillet , add the mustard seeds,cumin seeds, curry leaves
and finely cut green chillies. Add raisins last.

When the mustard starts to splutter, add cloves, cinnamon and add onion and later potato and saute for four to five minutes.

Add salt and sprinlkle little water, and cover with a plate.

After 5 minutes, uncover, add poha, sugar, lime juice and gently mix thoroughly.

Heat for another 5 minutes on medium flame.

Take care not to break poha as it will lose its appeal.

Remove from stove, Garnish with chopped coriander.Serve hot.


I prefer to add a pich of clove powder and two to three pinches of cinnamon powder along with sugar and lime juice


  1. Excellent, reminds me of one of my Marathi Friends in Bombay (Nemlekar). His Mother used to call herself my eldest Sister and there are several times I have eaten this DISH made by her. I can never forget this dear Friends of mine.

    BRO what can I say, you are too talented... in time we have decided to print each and every recipe of yours stated here and give it a TRY, will surely let you know how things turn out.

    Thanks for Sharing/Caring.. folks like you make this world a better place. God Bless and have a very Healthy, Long and Happy life... this comes from the bottom of my Heart Bro.

  2. Murali,

    Food, ifyou can really enjoy relishing, is the best tranquilizer.Food prepared with love, leaves a lasting impression on our minds. Food , often acts as a link to wonderful and happy past and old relationships.


  3. Hemantji,
    It seems you are now enjoying retired life in US..there is and very old request pending by me since many years...the items from old gujarati recipes like..'naat ni daal, naat na vaal, suki bhaaji...natnu batakanu shaak...hope this might help to jog the memory..thnks sir
    Regards..Ashish Joshi

  4. Dear Asish Joshi,

    I will post these recipes starting with Naat Ni Dal....ASAP.

    Thanks for reminding.