Saturday, October 3, 2009

SHAKKARIYA NO SHEERO શક્કરિયા નો શીરો



To be born in a vedic Brahmin family and fasting, fasting feasts, other feasts and generally talk of food go hand in hand. My childhood was spent in a very small village of Gujarat in a family where my aunt reigned supreme in the whole community for her expertise in food preparation.

Fasting days were no problem for a foodie like me because the fasting dishes galore was huge. Actually I used to eat more on fasting days than normal days.

One thing that I loved most from the fasting food she prepared was Shakkariya/Ratalu No Sheer.This is a sweet potato Halwa she prepared. I was and am still , a sucker for sweets. I loved this sweet very much. She also used to make same type of sweet from usual humble potato. That recipe I will post some other day but today it is Shakkariya No Sheero aka Ratalu No Sheer.





1.25 kg. Ratalu (sweet potatoes)
350 to 500 gms sugar(as per taste)
150 Gms Ghee (rarified butter)
50 gms Almond, sliced into slivers
25 g. Raisins
cardamom 1/4 tsp powder
Kesar (saffron),food color
Dry fruits (optional)

Method Of Preparation

Select medium thick sweet potatoes.Steam cook sweet potatoes but see that you do not over cook.
Peel and mash. Remove fibers if any.

Take ghee in a kadai or thick pan and add raisin and
whole or halved Cashewnuts.

(if you want to add, you can add other dry fruits nuts etc).
Fry just a little.

Now add mashed sweet potatoes and fry for about eight
to ten minutes on medium heat.

When ghee starts to seperate from sides and middle, add sugar.
and powdered cardamom and stir briskly .

Some people add milk khova also at this juncture .Keep stirring
When the sheera thickens, remove from stove and let it cool.

Garnish with rose petals,slivered Almonds and Serve warm or cold.If you want, you can add kesari color
or a few strands of kesar crushed in warm water just befor you remove from stove.

I love this sheera and so will you and your family members.

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  1. sir aapke post par aakr jankari mili ham bhi ghar par bana kar prayog karunga janakari ke liye dhanybad